MRP-Video 4


MRP Video-Server enables to send both monitoring and alarm multimedia messages on your mobile phone using the Windows XP operating system.

MMS – what do they make for?

Multimedia messages (MMS) allow you to get an overview of events in the guarded objects using a mobile phone. The Video-Server sends two types of multimedia messages:
  1. Alarm messages – during alarm, when in the calling mode, the server sends a series of alarm multimedia messages on your mobile phone. They contain snapshots from the video-cameras that had recorded violation of alarm zones.
  2. Monitoring messages – on a request you will receive up-to-date snapshots from selected video-cameras on your mobile phone.

Several examples out of practical experience

Fig. 1: MMS will reach you at any place, where there is the GSM network coverage, even when fishing…

Fig. 2: A snapshot you have received from a video-camera

Fig. 3: A detail of a snapshot you have received


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