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The MRP-Video system for monitoring and watching objects

The MRP-Video is a computer video-system that enables transmitting images via the telephone networks, the LAN networks and via the Internet. All company owners, shop- keepers, house-owners and security agencies dealing with guarding objects will appreciate this reliable and time-tested security system.

Basic possibilities of the system


The Video-server allows you to monitor up to sixteen objects (watched by video-cameras) and to store snapshots of the concrete objects on the hard disk. The system is capable to make analysis of events dated even several months back.


You can set alarm zones to watch single objects. The Video-server is capable to record any violation of each of the alarm zones on the hard disc and to establish connection to the Video-client station in the remote object without intervention of an operator. The Video-server can transmit snapshots of a violator to the Video-client station immediately and send a list of violated video-cameras as alarm text messages (SMS) and snapshots from the violated video-cameras as alarm multimedia messages (MMS) or via e-mail. After receiving an alarm message the Video-client is able to begin to speak in a human voice. In the Standard and Professional versions (equipped with inputs and outputs) the Video-server can switch on an output during alarm to activate a siren.

Remote control and monitoring

Via the Internet or via the standard dial-up connection you can watch what is happening in your firm or in your house from any place in the world. You can view archived snapshots, the Register of events or to set the watching mode of the Video-server and configure the video-camera parameters. You can also control the Video-server via SMS messages and on a request you can receive required snapshots from the selected video-cameras as multimedia messages.
Videosystem diagram


The Video-server allows you to schedule the start-up of single actions so that they can be performed both regularly (on particular days of the week) and irregularly (with regard to the public
holidays). Owing to the feature you can configure the Video-server in your firm so that it can watch objects and send alarm snapshots on your mobile phone out of hours and archive snapshots
from the selected video-cameras during working hours.
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