MRP-Video 4

MRP Video Viewer

The MRP-Video Viewer is a program designed for work with the database of snapshots created by the MRP-Video Server. The most important features of the MRP-Video Viewer are described in the paragraphs listed bellow.

Fig. The MRP-Video Viewer

Synchronized viewing

The MRP-Video Viewer is based on the real-time viewing. This operating mode brings a lot of advantages the most important of them being the synchronized viewing of all video-cameras at the same time. It enables viewing records of all video-cameras at the same time and exactly in the same way as they had been recorded by the MRP-Video Server. Owing to the feature used solely
with expensive and high-quality hardware systems you can obtain a general overview of the situation in the guarded object.

Simple viewing

One of the principal advantages of the MRP-Video Viewer is a simple record viewing using the Time Navigator. The Time Navigator is a control element specially designed for a quick time setting using a keyboard, a trackball, a calendar or a list of the most frequent times. To skip to a concrete date and time it is not necessary (as with other programs) to open saved record sequences in a complex fashion and search out in them. You can simply set the required time in the Time Navigator and all camera windows will display the recording sequence with the required time. This way you can skip quickly and easily to any spot of the record and start playback from here.

Fig. Time Navigator
Fig. Open Calendar

Viewing mode extension

The MRP-Video Viewer supports all standard features such as viewing, skip to next snapshot or skip to the beginning/end of a recording. Viewing alarms and skip to next alarm are additional features. The Viewing alarms feature allows you to view only the recording sequences that had captured a move in front of a video-camera and to skip the dull passages automatically. This way you can search out important events very effectively.

Fig. Viewing control buttons

Register of alarms

When developing the Register of Alarms the main emphasis was laid on clearness of arrangement. Other programs mostly display the Register of alarms for each video-camera individually. When viewing alarms you have to change over among single Registers which makes it less clear. The MRP-Video Viewer allows you to integrate more or all video-cameras into one Register. The Register of Alarms is not limited by any interval and you can move in the framework of all alarms of all integrated video-cameras. The structure of the Register of alarms is designed most simply with regard to clearness of arrangement. On each line there is a camera number, a time and a date of an alarm. All additional information such as a camera name and alarm duration have been transferred into a “bubble”. The “bubble” can be displayed after positioning the pointer over the particular line with the concrete alarm. Click twice for shifting the camera display to the beginning of the alarm.

Fig. Alarm Register (camera No 2, 1 and 3)

Additional watching

The additional watching mode allows you to search out events, that you may fail to see, without viewing extensive passages of recording. Simply define the image region and the MRP-Video Viewer will start searching out all the recorded events and actions in the region.

Fig. Setting additional alarm zones

Export and print

The MRP-Video Viewer enables to export recording sequences in a file in the AVI format. You can play back and view the file even if the MRP-Video Viewer is not installed in your PC (this mode makes for easier e.g. handing on the recordings to the police). You can freely enter a data and time and a camera description in the exported record. A comfortable guide with an intuitive controllership will lead you through the Export. The guide allows you (in case of need) to set technical parameters, such as a codec used for compression or the viewing speed. It is taken for granted that a concrete snapshot is saved as an image (in the JPEG and BMP formats) and printed on a printer.

Fig. Setting the exported sequence range
Fig. Selecting data entered in a snapshot

Fig. Viewing exported record in the Windows Media Player program

Appearance setting

You can adjust the MRP-Video Viewer appearance to fit to specific conditions of usage and to a particular user. You can save several design patterns and then simply switch over among them. This feature enables to re-adjust the MRP-Video Viewer effectively, in dependence on the changing conditions of usage (more users, more monitors, higher display image resolution, switching over among video-cameras, different operating principles, etc.).

Fig. Variants of the MRP-Video Viewer appearance. You can define your own design patterns and simply switch over among them.
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