MRP-Video 4

Shots of the MRP-Video Server Functioning

The MRP-Video Server enables to run up to 16 video-cameras (depending on version). Snapshots are saved on the PC´s hard disc and the archive size may be up to 400GB. If the saving space is full the system starts rewriting the oldest snapshots automatically. Snapshots are saved in the course of:
  • Archiving – snapshots are saved in a selected time interval
  • Alarm – you can set up to 8 alarm zones to each video-camera and adjust the object size and sensitivity to brightness. Two successive snapshots are compared to brightness and object size in the region of alarm zones. If the changes exceed the appointed limits and the system being in the watching mode, then the MRP-Video Server will notify on the camera violation on the main panel and will save alarm snapshots on the hard disc. Eventually, The MRP-Video Server can dial-up the Client and transmit alarm snapshots. If a GSM phone is connected to the MRP-Video Server the server will allow to send information on an alarm to other GSM mobile phones. Using SMS messages you can make remote control of
    the MRP-Video Server as well.

You can view saved snapshots using a viewer that is a part of delivery. The MRP-Video Server can function individually without the MRP-Video Client or without a modem or the computer network.



Spuštěný MRP Video server 4
Main window of the MRP-Video Server
Displej mobilu
Alarm SMS message from the Video Server
Using your mobile phone you can receive alarm messages from the Video Server and also have a list of violated video-cameras (in an appointed interval) or make a remote control of the Video Server via SMS messages.

See also snapshot of MMS messages.


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