MRP-Video 4

Shots of the MRP Video-Client functioning

The MRP Video-Client serves the purpose of establishing connection with the MRP Video-Server when snapshots are transmitted via the telephone network or via the TCP/IP networks (LAN, WAN, Internet). The Client-Server connection may be operated in both directions – duplex. From the MRP Video-Client you can connect to the MRP Video-Server, transmit snapshots or, eventually, to make remote control of the MRP Video-Server. During alarm the Video-Server communicates with the Video-Client and transmits snapshots recorded by a violated video-camera. The MRP Video-Client allows you to view both archived and alarm snapshots saved in the MRP Video-Server.

Fig. 1: The MRP Video-Client when transmitting up-to-date snapshots

Fig. 2: The MRP Video-Client when transmitting archived snapshots


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