MRP-Video 4

Technical equipment

Read the following specifications for the minimum configuration of the video-systems version 4.


Operating system Windows XP nebo Windows 2000
Processor Intel Pentium 4; 1,7GHz and faster
(for Standard+ RT and Professional RT: Intel Pentium 4; 2,8GHz and faster)
Motherboard Intel chipset
RAM 256 MB
(for Standard+ RT and Professional RT: 512 MB)
Harddisk At least 20 GB – in dependence on the quantity of saved snapshots (one snapshot occupies cca 5-10 kB. The specification relates to the image resolution 384x288 and employed Indeo Video 5 compressor.
Graphics card Do not use graphics cards built-in the motherboard.
Free slot(s) As required:
LitePlus: 1 PCI
Standard: 2 PCI
Professional: 3 PCI
Professional Extra: 1 PCI
LitePlus RT: 1 PCI
Standard RT: 2 PCI
Standard+ RT: 3 PCI
Professional RT: 4 PCI
Others A mouse or any other trackpoint, a CD-ROM and a diskette unit required for installation

PC MRP–Video klient

Operating system Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Processor PC-Pentium, 150 MHz and more, 32 MB RAM
Others A mouse or any other trackpoint, a CD-ROM and a diskette unit required for installation

LAN Network

Standard Ethernet with the TCP/IP Protocol

Phone Network

Usual analog or ISDN line, GSM Networks


For the fixed network, with the V34+ Protocol and higher

GSM phones

To send SMS messages we advise you to use the GSM phones that can be connected to the COM port of the MRP-Video Server via a special cable (e.g. Siemens MC35i Terminal, Nokia 7110, Nokia 6210, Nokia 6310i, Siemens C55). Information on the MMS requirements you can find herein.


Standard monochrome or color CCD video-cameras equipped with an output for the coaxial cable.

Interconnecting cable

A coaxial cable of a nominal impedance 75 ohm .A single cable leading from each video-camera to the MRP-Video Server. On the camera-side the cable is terminated with a connector (in dependence on the video-camera model, usually BNC) and on the MRP-Video Server-side with the male CINCH connector (RT versions BNC-male, Prof. Extra BNC-female). The cable length depends on the cable attenuation and should not exceed 3dB. Usual length of each cable is cca 100m.


If the Internet connection is required the fixed Internet access is necessary to be available in the object where the PC MRP-Video Server has been installed. The MRP-Video Server may be connected to the Internet both directly (via the fixed public IP address) or via the local network (then the proxy server/firewall needs to be installed). The PC MRP-Video Client can be connected to the Internet in various ways, e.g. via the standard dial-up connection.
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